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Riddled with guilt, Maddox does everything in his power to help Serena survive the ordeal of her past.

Shapeshifter regeneration enzymes can be manufactured into a cure-all pill for humans. Jenson Pharmaceuticals is at the lead of this cutting-edge technology. Shifters are unwilling donors and die when their enzymes run dry.

Serena Macon can’t live with the knowledge that the pills she takes to stave off a mysterious illness cause the death of innocent shapeshifters. There is only one option left for her. Knowing that her death is certain, she makes the decision to take out Jenson before killing herself. But everything goes wrong, and she ends up locked in a cell with an enormous Kodiak shifter who volunteered for Jenson’s breeding program.

Maddox Beirne is a Kodiak shifter with a Dark. Guilt is his constant companion. When the witch’s card indicates he’s the only one capable of rescuing a mysterious woman from the clutches of the evil scientist, he knows he has one shot at redemption.

Just when Serena knows her life can’t get any worse, a seven-foot werebear destroys all her fears and shows her what love should be. Only, the love she shares with Maddox has finally produced the one thing Jenson has always wanted.



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